21-Day Fix – Food Log Day 7

Started the day early running errands for my daughter’s prom tomorrow.  Had a million things to do, so had to grab lunch out.  Then had to go straight to work as soon as I got home.  Now it’s 9:00 pm and I’m starving and exhausted and have three hours of work left.  My daughter is fixing my dinner.   Taco Bell for lunch and pizza rolls for dinner – that’s all I’m gonna say about that! I’m not going to post my daily calorie intake today, 1.  Because I haven’t entered the food in my food log yet and 2.  Because I know it will be ugly.   I can’t say for sure if tomorrow will be better since we are spending the day at my grandmother’s doing all the prom prep (hair, makeup, pics, etc.) so I may just have to chalk this weekend up to something that just couldn’t be avoided and get back where I belong on Sunday!


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