21-Day Fix – Food Log Day 5


Today was a most difficult day.  It was all I could do to choke down the spinach in my salad – and I love my salads.  Nothing tasted quite “right” today.  I wanted nothing more than to go have some wings and beer…..or pizza.  I miss them so much!  I know it will be worth it and I know that there will come a day when I can have these things and it will be OK.  But today is not that today.

I was told that every once in a while you can indulge…and you have to in order to stay sane, I realize this.  But I know myself.  If I go downstairs and make wings and have a beer today.  Then tomorrow it will be even easier to convince myself that I can order pizza (cause my week is already ruined anyway, right).  Then it will be Friday and who wants to cook on Friday.  Then it will be Saturday and we are getting my daughter ready for Prom so I will be running around all day, grabbing something on the go.  Then it will be Sunday, which is Easter.  Then ….. well now you get the idea of how my mind works.  So I CANNOT go downstairs and cheat even a little bit today.  I mean it’s my first week.  I can’t allow myself to indulge so soon.  I won’t allow myself to indulge so soon.  So, I ate my slimy spinach and I choked down my bland chicken and I ended the day 214 calories under budget.  So, I call that a success!!

Total calorie count:  1548

  • Breakfast – 202 calories
  • Lunch – 348 calories
  • Dinner – 522 calories
  • Snacks – 477 calories

BREAKFAST:  Bagel Thin, strawberries

SNACK:  Skipped

LUNCH:  Salad (spinach, grilled chicken, dried cherries, sliced almonds, feta cheese with raspberry vinaigrette dressing)

SNACK:  Blue corn tortilla chips

DINNER:  Taco (ground turkey, Face plain yogurt, brown rice, refried beans, white queso, spicy ranchero sauce in a spinach & herb tortilla)

SNACK:  Utz cheese balls (only 1 serving)


One thought on “21-Day Fix – Food Log Day 5

  1. i totally feel this way sometimes! I’m like “this kale salad is 100 percent not pizza” and I must admit I’ve slipped a few times. BUT thanks to shakeo and the 21 day fix I fit into a size 10 again!! I cant wait to see what I look like in 6 months- and a year

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