21-Day Fix – My Version

I want need to lose weight.  I have no real health problems to speak of.  My heart is healthy (trust me I’ve had three full heart workups because if you are sick and fat, it MUST be your heart).  My blood pressure is normal.  My cholesterol is even good.  I am just fat, overweight, obese – use whatever word you choose.  They all are correct descriptions.  Am I proud of this?  Absolutely NOT!  I have learned to love and accept myself just the way I am.  My husband loves me.  My children love me.  My friends and family love me.  That really is all that is important.  But, I don’t like being the “fat mom” at all the school functions.  I don’t like only having two stores I can shop and get cute clothes in.  I don’t like walking up the 14 stairs to my office and being out of breath when I reach the top.  I don’t like being embarrassed to have sex with my husband with the lights on.  I don’t like being worried that I won’t fit in a movie theater seat/plane seat/stadium seat.

I have tried several times (some more valiantly than others) and have been semi-successful but something always happens to knock me back down and I go eat a cupcake.  I mean I’ve already messed, so what’s the point, right??  WRONG!  I really really want this time to be different.  I want it so bad I am blogging about it.  I want it so bad that I hope people will hold me accountable.  I want people to email me, text me, post on Facebook whatever it takes to motivate and encourage.  I do not, however, want someone like Jillian Michaels yelling in my face.  I promise you, that will have the opposite effect and I’ll be curled up in bed with a book and a pan of brownies in no time.  If that is what worked for you, great.  But that is not what works for me.  Positive encouragement and stories of amazing results is what encourages me.

A friend of mine did the 21-Day Fix a few weeks ago and lost 16 pounds.  So, since she had all the books, containers, food lists and information, I decided to just borrow them and formulate my own plan.  She did Shakeology with hers.  I am skipping that part (mostly because it is expensive and out of my budget right now).  So I sat down and calculated (based on their formula) how many calories I am allowed to have based on my weight.  It said 2300.   But I am also using the Lose It! app and when I enter my current weight and my goal weight, it tells me 1737.  So that is my daily goal.  I have a looooong way to go to reach my goal weight (estimated at almost two years according to Lose It!), but I have to do this one step at a time.  Looking at that huge number of days is overwhelming.

This definitely has to be a lifestyle change for me, but this is a huge thing so I have to do it in baby steps or I will most definitely fail.  I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle considering I work from home typing at a computer for 16+ hours a day at least six days a week.  So this is my plan:

  • First 21-day cycle will be strictly about the dietary changes.  I will work on eating more of the right things, portion sizes and finding that things that work and don’t work, foods I like and don’t like and how to prepare them so I not only feel full but that I also enjoy them.  Plus finding items that are on the required lists of foods but yet fulfill my cravings for things I love.
  • Second 21-day cycle will incorporate light exercise (30 minutes a day – walking or bike riding).
  • Third 21-day cycle will be where the real change begins.  That is when I plan to start P90X.  I bought the program two years ago and it is still sitting on a shelf gathering dust.  That is going to change.

Based on today being Day 1 of the first cycle, May 3 will be the end of cycle one, May 24 will be the end of cycle two and June 14 will be the end of cycle 3.  So for those you who don’t know, if I do this as planned, I will have completed all three cycles as well as P90X on MY BIRTHDAY!!!  What a gift to myself, right?!  There is a slight possibility of doing the 5K Foam Fest in Indianapolis on my birthday as well, but those details are still being worked out, not to mention I am trying to decide if my very first 5K should be a crazy one, or if it should just be a straight run/walk with no obstacles.  We shall see.  But I most definitely will be doing the Run With All Your Heart in  August in Jamestown and this year I WILL be doing the 4 miles!

So, daily I am going to log my food (and exercise in cycle 2/3) to keep me accountable.  All words of encouragement are more than appreciated.  If you’re a texter and don’t have my cell phone, let me know.  I appreciate all texts, emails, Twitter posts and Facebook comments.

I will be back tonight to log my food diary for the day.  Thank you in advance for all your love!!


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