Hey Music Lovers…….#b2sb2b Week 1

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So, as most of you know, I am participating in TWO blogging workshops at the same time. Insanity, I know. But I am really hoping this forces me to start dedicating a set amount of time to blogging. I really want this to be successful.

If you’ve been visiting this week, you’ve probably seen my posts for the challenge I’ve been doing with the SITS girls.  However, I am also participating in Back 2 School, Back 2 Blogging with Gigi over at KludgyMom.

This week we are talking “widgets and plug ins”.  One person wrote “if you don’t know a widget is, you aren’t a blogger”.  So I’m guessing I need to learn quickly!!!

Our writing Task for this week is to find a cool, little-known plugin or widget to tell everyone about.  Well I’ve searched and found quite a few really neat ones.  I’d have to say the one I found that I love the most is the Pandora Widget for WordPress.  With this widget, you can display favorite songs, artists & stations.  You can even have a place where your readers can create their own station right from your blog.  I listen to Pandora a lot at work, so having this on my blog sidebar would just be another way of making my page more “me”.

But, alas…..I haven’t yet started to self-host my blog.  I am on WordPress.com and not WordPress.org.  Therefore I can’t use any of these cool widgets or plug-ins.  But I plan to make that switch after the first of the year, so I will keep you posted.

In all fairness, the assignment was to FIND a plugin or widget…..didn’t say we had to actually install it or use it on our blogs 🙂

If any of you already have Pandora on your blogs, or if you decide to add it after reading this post, please let me know what you think.  I’d love to get reviews before I get to the point of adding it to my page!!

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5 thoughts on “Hey Music Lovers…….#b2sb2b Week 1

  1. Question, do you just “display” the songs or does the plugin actually “play” the songs?

    I think the general consensus is that music on blog is a no-no because visitors find it annoying — unless of course you are artist or something like that.

    I love Pandora though, so I will look into it.

    You’d love self-hosted, so much more flexibility.

    • That is a good question…but no it does not play the music, from what I understand. Just displays your fav songs and a form for others to sign up for Pandora. I don’t like music playing on blogs and/or websites so I wouldn’t want that either.

      Thanks for visiting!

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