Back To Blogging – Day 1

I have decided to take on not only one, but TWO blogging challenges.  If that doesn’t get my butt in gear to get some real blogging done and improve this site, then I don’t know what will.  Thanks to Kludgy Mom and her Back 2 School, Back 2 Blogging challenge I have been working on the appearance of my blog.  I have been able to create a logo and insert a badge so you can “grab” my blog (and that was all just pre-work!!).  I have met up with someone (who I hope) will let me stalk them become a good friend.  She is going to be starting her very own web design business and is going to help me when I switch to self-hosting *for free* to add to her portfolio.  I am not mentioning who she is , just in case she isn’t ready for credit….but anywhoo, more on all that nonsense later.

Today is also day 1 of the SITS Girls Back To Blogging Challenge as well.  This  challenge is more focused on improving the content o our posts.  This is where I need to improve the most I believe.  Our assignment today was to repost our very first blog post.

So here goes:

My Aha Moment

Since I didn’t technically write anything but the introduction, I think I did great ha ha ha!  This is the exact posting that made me want to start blogging.  I didn’t do so well keeping up with it and that is why I am participating in these challenges.  Hopefully I can improve my look as well as my content.  I am going to pick brains all day long til I get my questions answered.  I want to soak up as much knowledge as I can to be a better blogger.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!!

I would also like to thank the sponsors of the SITS Girls Challenge, Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath & Florida Builder Appliances for making this possible.  Winning Thelma & Louise wouldn’t be so bad either, right?!? Read about them at Electrolux.


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