Principles of Positive Thinking

  • Our thoughts have power over our feelings and attitudes
  • You can change yourself by changing your thoughts
  • Positive thinkers use faith to gain control of their problems
  • Fear and worry are conquered by practical spiritual methods; meditation and prayer increase vitality and peace of mind
  • A positive mind leads to improved health and well-being
  • Positive thinkers overcome mistakes, forgiving themselves and others
  • The practice of positive thinking instills the courage and confidence to achieve your goals
  • Enthusiasm leads to action
  • Positive attitudes create more enduring and fulfilling relationships
  • Positive thinking is achievable by all people

2 thoughts on “Principles of Positive Thinking

  1. Love this affirmation of accentuating the positive! I am definitely a positive thinker and particularly like you last point that “positive thinking is achievable by all people”. Thanks!

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