When BFFs Go Bad

I knew moving from the big city back to the small town I grew up in would come with many changes. Most of them I was prepared for and kind of rolled with the punches. However, there was one change I never saw coming…..

There are 4 people in my life that I would consider my best friends. Three of them I have been friends with for over 15 years. One of them was definitely my BFF and the person I felt I could count on to be there no matter what. She gave me a place to sleep when I needed a break from reality. We’ve helped each other financially when times were tough. Every concert, movie release, whatever, I knew she’d go with me no matter what.

So, I am sure you can imagine my surprise when, 6 months ago, she just stopped speaking to me for no reason and without warning.

There had to have been a warning, right? I had to have seen it coming, right? NO!!! I seriously still have no idea what happened.

She called and asked if I could bring my truck to help her move the last of her stuff out of her mom’s house (she was moving in with a friend to help the friend out with some personal family issues). This would be my third or fourth trip helping her either pack or move this time & this is the 7th time I’ve helped her move since college. So, it’s not like I haven’t been a good friend. But the particular weekend she was asking was bad for me. I hadn’t gotten a lot of hours and knew my check would be small, we had just gotten through Christmas and it costs a fortune for me to drive my V8 truck 2 hours each way plus all the moving. I told her I would see what I could do but not to be surprised if I couldn’t.

The very next day I won free movie passes to see The Book of Eli in Louisville on Thursday night. There was no way I could go, so I passed the tickets on to her. She was going to take Abby* (the friend she was moving in with). When I called Thursday, she was pissy!! Abby’s husband had been released from the hospital, so she wanted a family night (which I thought was understandable). I suggested she take another friend or even a date & she snapped at me that she didn’t want to go to the movies with a guy. I figured I’d let her calm down. A few hours later I called and she didn’t answer. I got a text, “Can I help you?” I told her I wanted to see if she was in a better mood. She said no. I told her I was sorry and then I explained I wasn’t going to be able to come up that weekend. Her response? “That figures. I’ll talk to you later.” I haven’t heard from her since. Two months ago she even deleted me from her Facebook page.  And not just deleted…completely blocked me so that I cannot even search for her.  This after 15  years of friendship!

I haven’t tried to contact her either. At first I was giving her time because she can be moody. After a while I didn’t even miss her. That is when I realized maybe it wasn’t really the friendship I thought it was. Maybe she realized that too. I really don’t know. What I do know is that now it seems harder than ever to find friends to do things with.

Sex And The City opened and some of my friends went. No one called me. That really hurt my feelings.

Eclipse opens at the end of the month. A lot of my friends have already bought advanced tickets. That is what we did for New Moon, but it was mostly her friends. Again, no one has asked me.

Turns out it is OK cause Hubbie said he’d take me & make it a date night. Or I may plan a trip to see my new friend in Michigan & we can go.

But how many more events will I be excluded from or have to attend solo because I no longer have a BFF??

*name has been changed to protect the innocent


2 thoughts on “When BFFs Go Bad

  1. Tonya says:

    It wasn’t you Laura… it was because the fact that you moved away she wasn’t able to use you as much. I heard we did this and that and I helped her this and that. But it sounds like it was more you… Just look at it this way. God puts people in our path for a reason. Sometimes it is for a season and others its a lifetime. Your a wonderful person and a great friend. I personally say Call me! I like the same things… I can’t replace her but we could always be better friends.

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